We are committed to providing the absolute best quality services to each and every one of our seniors.


At our Central County Senior Center, we arrange an extensive range of special events, which can take place either at our facility or at other locations. These events serve various purposes, such as fundraising, community engagement, fostering social connections, or providing opportunities for learning something new.

Support the Center

Being a non-profit organization with a 501(c)3 status, we depend on the kind assistance of community partners, grants, fundraising efforts, and donations to sustain our operations. We deeply value every contribution, regardless of its size, and offer numerous avenues to support the Central County Senior Center.

Transportation Services

In the Oronoko charter Township area, our Center offers transportation services for seniors, assisting them in reaching medical appointments, shopping trips, running errands, and participating in activities at the Senior Center. We enjoy providing this invaluable and distinctive service to our senior community.

Welcome to The Central County Senior Center

The Central County Senior Center has been dedicated to serving our local senior community for over 50 years. Our mission is to enhance their lives by providing a secure, enjoyable, and inviting environment where they can spend their time. Additionally, we offer transportation services to ensure our seniors have access to places they might otherwise find challenging to reach.

Enhancing Physical, Mental, and Social Well-Being for our seniors

Providing a Fun and Welcoming Place

We want to help seniors and make their lives better. We’re here to make sure they have what they need and that people know about their problems. Our goal is to create a world where older folks are healthy, have friends, and are active in their communities. We want everyone in our community to have a good and fulfilling senior life.

Investing in the Central County Senior Center

  • Innovating and Empowering Seniors in Berrien County
  • Addressing Senior Loneliness and Isolation
  • Supporting Caregivers in Berrien County
  • Advocating for Policies Benefiting Older Central County Residents
  • Fostering Berrien County Senior’s Sense of Purpose
  • Safeguarding Central County Seniors from Fraud