About Us

Our mission is to empower and enrich the lives of seniors in our community by providing comprehensive support, fostering social connections, and promoting active, dignified aging.

Our Mission

For over 50 years, Central County Senior Center has been here for you, our cherished seniors. Our mission is simple: to make your life better by giving you a safe, enjoyable, and friendly place to be. And if you ever need a ride to places that seem hard to reach, we’ve got transportation services just for you.

Board Members

2024 Board Members
Winston Nwoke, President
Karen “KC” Campbell, Vice President
Robert Moore, Treasurer
Barbara Dumke, Secretary
Mary Vallieres, Board Member
Judy Larson, Board Member
Sheila Snyder, Board Member
Gloria Bell, Board Member
Ralph Wood, Board Member

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Senior Center Staff

Heidi Abele, Executive Director – Director@centralcountyseniorcenter.org
Amy Tefs, Assistant Director – assistdir@centralcountyseniorcenter.org
Kathy Hathaway, Transpo. & Comm. SvS. Coordinator – transpo@centralcountyseniorcenter.org
Kari Root, Trip Hostess/Receptionist – reception@centralcountyseniorcenter.org
Tim Krieger, Chauffeur
Tim Newman, Chauffeur
John Bennett, Chauffeur
Terry Rafter, Chauffeur
Sue Collier, Housekeeper
Vicky Rafter, MMAP Counselor – MMAP@centralcountyseniorcenter.org
Vivienne Poluhanycz, Senior Nutrition Site Manager