Activities & Services

Active Living and Social Connections. Explore our range of activities and services designed to enrich your senior years. Join us and be part of a vibrant community of seniors who value every moment


At Central County Senior Center, we organize a wide variety of activities, which can occur either on-site or at different venues. These activities serve different goals, including raising funds, connecting with the community, building social bonds, or offering chances to explore new interests.


At Central County Senior Center, we’re dedicated to providing a range of essential services tailored to make seniors’ lives easier. From convenient transportation options to free walkers, and even a complimentary food program, we’ve got you covered. Our mission is to ensure you have the support and resources you need for a fulfilling senior life.

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We are committed to offering an array of services catered specifically to the needs of our valued seniors. Our newsletter will keep the community engaged and informed about upcoming events, health tips, and valuable resources.

We understand the importance of health and wellness, which is why we provide Health Screening/Clinics, allowing seniors access to crucial health assessments and preventative care. Our Loan Closet is a treasure trove of mobility aids and equipment, available for seniors in need, helping to enhance their independence and quality of life. Transportation services ensure that seniors can get where they need to be, whether it’s a doctor’s appointment, grocery shopping, or a social event.

Socialization is a cornerstone of our commitment to seniors’ well-being , we facilitate numerous activities and events designed to foster connections and create a vibrant and inclusive community. At Central County Senior Center, we believe in enriching the lives of our seniors holistically, ensuring they have the support and resources necessary for a fulfilling and active senior life.


We are dedicated to hosting activities designed to enrich the lives of our beloved seniors. Our Craft Classes provide a creative outlet, allowing seniors to express themselves and craft beautiful creations, while our Garden Club offers a serene escape into nature, where seniors can bond over their love of gardening, cultivating both plants and friendships.

For those looking to stay tech-savvy, our Computer Classes offer opportunities to enhance digital literacy and stay connected in the modern world and with lunches & Potlucks serving as communal gatherings where delicious meals are shared, and laughter is abundant. Our parties and dances infuse fun and festivity into our community, providing seniors with enjoyable social events that create cherished memories.

And who can forget Bingo? This classic game of chance is a beloved pastime, fostering camaraderie and friendly competition. At Central County Senior Center, we believe in the power of these activities to enhance seniors’ lives, creating a vibrant and engaging community that thrives on shared experiences and connections.